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Entertainment Den is a business designed to be the ultimate resource in helping you design your home theater, game room, or man cave through blogging and creating YouTube Videos. We are best known for providing high quality, informative articles to help you make educated buying decisions for all your entertainment rooms.

Our Story

Throughout the last few years, we’ve found that there is little information that shows you how to create the ultimate man cave, home theater, outdoor home theater, or gaming room set up. Looking at pictures of other people’s setups is great for inspiration, but how do you actually foster that design in your own space without breaking the bank? This question inspired the launch of Entertainment Den. We’ve spent countless hours researching the best products in each of these areas so you don’t have to! This site is designed to be your one-stop resource so you can easily design your ultimate entertainment room. We don’t recommend any products that we haven’t personally used ourselves or haven’t done extensive research on. We’ve grown Entertainment Den beyond just ourselves to start a YouTube presence and help thousands of people every week to make informed purchasing designs for all entertainment products.

Our Audience is on YouTube

I'm Nikhil Singh, and I love my home theater and gaming set up. I started this blog to share everything I’ve learned that helped me create the ultimate set up. I share everything I’ve used from LED lights, home theater screens, projectors, accessories for gaming rooms, and more! Over the years I slowly increased the quality of my man cave. It’s awesome to be able to come home to a place that’s so calming, easy to unwind, and fun to hang out in with friends.

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