Best Speakers For Home Theaters

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All of these products are extremely good quality and you don’t need me to tell you. I also chose not to research ones more than $1000 simply because I love the experience my speakers provide me with and considering my family only paid $400 for the Bose ones and they already shake the room at full volume.

I Talked to Best Buy About Buying The Best Home Speakers

Here’s what they said when looking at speakers. The lady wasn’t super informative, but I also wanted to make this guide for the common user who isn’t extremely technical since this isn’t about home recording and being a DJ.

  • Soft surfaces on walls are good if you can make that an accommodation- bookshelves and irregular shapes will diffuse sound (I have tons of irregular objects in my set-up so I wouldn’t say it’s a huge deal)
  • Trust your ears– what do you appreciate? Smooth sound, bright tones, and heavy bass
  • Best Buy does free consultations where they come to your home to actually assess which speakers are the best for you.

Which speaker layout is best for my set-up? 

This is strictly preference, but take a look at some of the ways you can set them up that you didn’t realize were an option.

Floor Speakers

Best for a realistic experience, listening to music, and if you have a large TV

Polk Audio T50 Home Theater

Click images to see current price on Amazon

Sony SSCS3 3

Bookshelf Speakers

Best if you have less space, want the highest audio quality, and don’t care as much about heavy bass. Can be used to implement surround sound.

Bose 301-V Stereo Loudspeakers

Polk Audio T15

Klipsch R-15M

Center-Channel Speakers

Best default set-up-it delivers great audio quality (dialogue especially) and overall sound.

Sony S200F Sound Bar

Polk Audio Signature S35 American

Surround Speakers: 360-degree quality sound- most immersive experience you can have

Subwoofers: delivers awesome bass, can be placed anywhere in a room, enhances the quality of music especially. Placing this in a corner will produce the most sound

Why We Picked the Sony Sound Bar

It was my mom’s idea to get it since she doesn’t have the best hearing and it’s been credited for making movies easier to watch without the use of a hearing aid. It picks up small sounds just like in the movie theaters such as the crinkling of the actor’s clothes when he gets up from a chair, or when Mathew McConaughey clicks his helmet into place to begin an interstellar jump through space. It allows a wide variety of bass settings for those who want to throw good house parties for good music or just want to easily pick up dialogue AND have good bass. Once we tinkered with the settings, we have the perfect blend of the two. We’re also Sony die-hard fans and knew they wouldn’t let us down.

Final Thoughts on Choosing The Right One

  • Center speakers are best if multiple people are viewing from different angles
  • Don’t make choosing them more difficult than it needs to be. Find the shape you want that would best accommodate your space and price range. As long as the sound quality is to your liking, that matters more than what expert sound enthusiasts think is best

My Bluetooth Outdoor Speaker

I use this one whenever it’s time for an outdoor movie. This one is called the Sony SRSX55. It’s more expensive than most Bluetooth speakers but it really delivers high sound quality and a good amount of bass. It can also connect via aux cord (which is how we connect it to the projector). One cool feature is that you can lay your phone on top of the speaker and it will automatically connect even faster using some weird magic trick. To get the most out of this speaker (and to keep the neighbors waking up from the sound), position this speaker right in front of everyone as close as possible and no more than 5ft away. If you have any other questions about this, feel free to reach out at