Forza Horizon 5 Is Making Changes To Its Multiplayer Mode

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There are some more patches coming to Forza Horizon 5 on Tuesday, March 29th, and developers, Playground Games have revealed that coming with the patch will be a change to Horizon Open, the game’s popular competitive multiplayer mode.

The patch notes read along the lines of, “Horizon Open has been updated with a new progression system; this will include badges that can be unlocked through the gameplay”. If you didn’t know, Forza Horizon 4 came with a ranked multiplayer mode and an associated progression system, which makes the decision by Playground to exclude these features on their latest game quite peculiar. Oh, and you’ll love their reasoning as well, they believed that this was making the game “too competitive and unrewarding” for players, which supposedly takes the fun out of it.

The developers have also publicized the details of a new Horizon Open mode that gives players more control over the races they partake in – custom racing as it were. According to the patch notes, this new Custom Racing “will allow players to find races for their chosen race discipline and performance index class”. It offers a far more detailed and complete selection process for all your racing needs.

The Forza Horizon franchise has always been – in most people’s minds anyway – the creme de la creme of racing games, and Forza Horizon 5 was no different; with gorgeous visuals, a packed open world, and exciting social elements brimming all around you. Its multiplayer mode includes a highly acclaimed battle-royale-style eliminator mode, along with a range of cooperative play options. But all these positives that come with the game are somewhat let down by the performance of its main competitive racing mode, something that has struggled to be fluid and is often very chaotic.

The patch will be coming on Tuesday, March 29th, and will also include overall improvements to the gameplay’s stability and performance, as well as a few more trinkets of fun like fixing certain cars’ bumps and dents, and specific animations on other vehicles. The battle for authenticity will never end, and to be the best, it’s the attention to detail that will take you a long way.