HP: 380,000 Vulnerabilities: Wind Resistances: N / A Effective Garb: L'automne / Quiet Guardian / Sand Fox / Dust and Shadow / Passion Rouge Effective Attacks: Aero / Aerora / Galestrike / Heavy Slash Ride the wind to victory against Grendel. Everything you do should be aimed at getting this meanie caught up in one gust after another. Equip a wind attack like Aero or Aerora to every schema, and assign Deshell and Deprotect somewhere as well. Persistence is key: don't let your guard down after t

By Kevin VanOrd and Mary Kish on

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

First Released

Feb 11, 2014


  • PC
  • PlayStation 3
  • Xbox 360

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII incorporates a brand-new story, world, characters and an enhanced gameplay system and is the final chapter in Lightning's saga