Take a Sneak Preview at Apex Legends' Next Character

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Image was revealed by accident.

Leaked image of the Apex Legends’ next character

An accidental leak from Respawn Entertainment looks to have revealed Apex Legends’ next character that will be added to the ever-growing roster of soldiers. This self-inflicted leak comes ahead of the latest episode of Stories from the Outlands; a series of animated shorts that are broadcast before each season of the free-to-play game.

Any players that did log into the Apex Legends client on July 23 may have spotted the preview image uploaded by Respawn if you were one of those eagle-eyed players. The image has since been removed from the client so it could not be released on the internet for the world to see.

Who can we count on when we need leaked images though? That’s right, those trusted Reddit users who are part of the eagle-eyed community of Saints. Reddit user TheKzX uploaded a screenshot of the preview (which you can see at the top of this article) for Stories from the Outlands: Survive. The caption attached labeled the new season as Apex Legends: Hunted which is set to being on August 9.

This new character looks to have dark hair and wears a very fetching headset, coupled with some dark army-like smudges along their cheekbones. Some of you may look at the character and instantly recognize them as Vantage, a character who was part of the March Apex Legends leak – this game has more leaks than a colander bathtub.

If we are to follow the rules that have already been set with this game, then we can expect Vantage to be Apex Legends’ next character, which should be announced at some point today. This is one of those things you’ll just have to be patient about, but don’t worry because the news will drop soon enough, that’s for certain.