Dinosaur Survival Game Path of Titans Now Available on PS & Xbox

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The Image is taken from Path of Titans

Alderon Games has announced that a closed beta for its MMO dinosaur survival game Path of Titans has been released for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. The game has been available for PC and mobile devices since 2020, so it’s good news to see it joining the console world. It has also been announced that the Nintendo Switch will arrive later in the summer.

This cross-platform massively multiplayer survival game allows players to become dinosaurs. Yes, you heard that correctly, you will be the dinosaur you’ve always dreamt of being. You will start life as an egg and evolve into an adult in a rich ecosystem filled with 26 different species. The game will also include AI creatures and up to 200 other human players that you can interact with.

You must explore an environment that is filled with natural events while also attempting to avoid death (which can be very difficult may we just say) and augmenting your dinosaur to your particular style of play. There is a whole host of great aspects that come with this game that include finding and building a home cave, while also being able to rank up on official servers and plenty of side quests to complete.

Some of the key features included in Path of Titans are as followed:

  • A Huge Multiplayer Mode: This huge environment is filled with plenty of AI creatures, several quest zone, and plenty of caves so you can create a home base, all of which is on servers that hundreds of players will also be using.
  • Character Customization: You can unlock a variety of different skins for each dinosaur; changing the color and applying special markings as well. You also have the option of choosing between multiple species of your favorite dinosaur too.
  • Quests & Events: Complete quests that encourage and reward immersive cooperation and unlock achievements to collect exclusive in-game content.
  • Swimming, Diving & Fishing: Submerge fully underwater and hunt for AI fish and avoid being chomped by prehistoric crocodiles. Lurk just under the surface and lunge out of the water to surprise unsuspecting prey.
  • Attributes & Abilities: Spend points to alter your abilities and attacks to tailor your character to your preferred play style.
  • Modding: This game also has powerful modding tools that will be free for anyone to download and use.

Check out the closed beta announcement trailer for the dinosaur survival game Path of Titans below.

The announcement trailer for Path of Titans