Amazing Bomberman Game Is Heading to Apple Arcade

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The Bomberman returns.

Image is taken from the Amazing Bomberman

Good news for all you Apple Arcade users out there because you will soon be getting a new game in the Bomberman series called Amazing Bomberman – add that to your growing collection why don’t you? And the good news doesn’t end there because Amazing Bomberman will be available very soon as well, in fact, it will be available to download on the iOS Apple Arcade on Friday (August 5).

The upcoming release of Amazing Bomberman will introduce (in their words this is) “musical mayhem to the storied series” as well as seeing players “use various bomb types to smash obstacles and collect special items as the stage changes to match different songs.” You might be thinking “how on earth is this going to work?” well, we have a trailer that you can watch below for that exact question.

The trailer for the Amazing Bomberman

Konami is back developing the game, and the famed Japanese gaming giants have said that Amazing Bomberman promises to offer users easy-to-play online battles, while the game will also be catering to both solo players and the ones that prefer epic duels with their friends. The game will also feature a lot of collectible items that players must find to help with the customization of their character and the rest of the game.

You still want to know about this soundtrack though, don’t you? The word on the street is that Konami claims that the soundtrack is a fusion one, one that mixes all the music that was composed for the older games in the series – they’ve thought of everything this time around.

It was announced earlier in the year that the developer had planned to pull the plug on Super Bomberman R Online, with the service set to go offline on December 1. This means it’s an even bigger necessity to get your hands on Amazing Bomberman… you know, so you can get your fix somehow.