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link to The Real Reason Why Projector Screens Have Black Borders link to Can a Projector Screen Get Wet?

Can a Projector Screen Get Wet?

Introduction I used to host tons of outdoor movie nights at my family's old home in California. Often times, I would want to just leave the screen and projector set up outside and go to bed after...

link to How To Set Up A Home Theater For A Small Room

How To Set Up A Home Theater For A Small Room

Introduction In 2017, I set up my family's first home theater projector in my extremely small 9ft x 9ft room. Having a dedicated home theater room of any scale is so fulfilling once you get the...

link to Projectors Can Be Left Outside, But Do This First

Projectors Can Be Left Outside, But Do This First

Introduction I recently hosted an outdoor movie night that went really well in our backyard. The weather in California can be hit or miss with rain and cold night temperatures as the weather begins...

link to Small Home Theater Rooms: 6 Professionals Share Best How-To Advice link to 10 Things To Buy A Man For His Mancave Who Wants Nothing

I'm Nikhil Singh, and I love my home theater and gaming set up. I started this blog to share everything I’ve learned that helped me create the ultimate set up. I share everything I’ve used from LED lights, home theater screens, projectors, accessories for gaming rooms, and more! Over the years I slowly increased the quality of my man cave. It’s awesome to be able to come home to a place that’s so calming, easy to unwind, and fun to hang out in with friends.

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